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Colloidal Gold Generator

While Colloidal Silver works in the alimentary canal, Colloidal Gold works on the brain to help slow the ageing process, aid in management of depression, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis.

Store-bought Colloidal Gold can become an expensive regular purchase, so making your own is a logical answer.

The Colloidal Gold Generator is mains-powered and is shipped with stirrer, cleaning pad, transformer, instructions, and Colloidal Handbook.
Also included with the Gold generator are Gold, Silver and Copper Rods so you can make your own Colloidal Gold, Silver and Copper.

Colloidal Gold Generator
$360 including postage within Australia

International Orders $385

Replacement Gold Rods
$230 including postage within Australia

International Orders $235


Colloidal Gold

Therapeutic applications of Chrysotherapy or Gold therapy date back to uses by the ancient Egyptians, Inca’s, Native Americans believe to have the founding place for the use Gold in medicine by a group of adepts known as Alchemist. These Alchemist reportedly developed an elixir of liquid Gold to which attest had the ability to restore youth and perfect health.

Europeans, recognizing also the benefit of Gold in the system, had practiced the use of Gold coated pills and Gold water for over 100 years. These Alchemist of Europe would mix a drink tonic using powered Gold and give it to comfort sore limbs. Ancients civilizationsused Gold to achieve a heighten state of awareness and consciousness,
assisting them in meditation.

During the mid 20th century a Frenchman Jacues Forestier, used Gold as a medicine for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. As an inflammatory it appears to subdue joints. A Japanese study proposed function as an anti-oxidant. Distinguished German
Bacteriologist, Robert Koch, received a Noble Prize in medicine for his discovery that compounds made with Gold would inhibit the growth of bacillus, the bacteria that could result in tuberculosis.

Colloidal Gold is reputed to be a powerful rejuvenator for the glandular and nervous
systems, and have enhancing abilities on brain functions. It also helps the blood to become positive charge to absorb Seratonin. Condense list of uses of Colloidal Gold and it’s positive effects on the body. Anti-arthritis, reduces pain and swelling in rheumatism, bursitis, tendonitis, reduces pain, discomfort and a need for opiates in chronic diseases,
heals skin ulcers, rejuvenator for glandular and nervous systems, relieves depression, anxiety, controls obesity, enhances brain function, improves circulation, alleviates chills, hot flashes and night sweats, restore youth and perfect health, helps to achieve a heighten state of awareness and consciousness.

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Colloidal Gold Generator
$360 including postage within Australia

International Orders $385